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Our vast stock of circuit breakers gives us the advantage over our competition, closing any deal and project.

Fast Repair Response

Our experts offer fast action to repair your circuit breakers on the same day if possible, so your property can keep working.

Experienced Team

Our experts have studied and worked in the electrical field for a long time. They also have been updated over the years.


Replacing an old breaker can be a challenge, but for Downey Circuit Breakers, it’s not a problem as we have a vast catalog.

Sell to Us

If you are interested in selling your old or obsolete electrical equipment, feel free to contact our team for more information.

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Highly Efficient and Durable Circuit Breakers

With many years of experience in the field of breakers, Downey Circuit Breakers offers all of its customers the most extensive of its products for emergencies and electrical upgrades that it has planned to carry out. Our customer service is also at the height of our company and will provide you with the most detailed report of all our products for sale.

Our experienced staff can react quickly to your emergency electric requirements and assist you in keeping your property running.

What Our Customers Say!

Customer service is what keeps me always coming back. They also have many breakers to choose from!

Anthony Rodriguez

Siempre tienen los interruptores que estoy buscando.

Anthony Rodriguez

Their inventory is vast, and they seem to have thousands of breakers to choose from; I highly recommend them.

Stellar Alba

Why Choose
Downey Circuit Breakers?

Upgrades & Extension

Downey Circuit Breakers’ retrofill and retrofit life extension services can keep your circuit breakers operating.

Evaluation & Maintenance

Our services include evaluation & maintenance, ensuring that your circuit breakers perform as well or better than new ones.

Extensive Stocks

Replacement parts are our specialty; our company offers an extensive range of stocks, preparing us for emergency requirements.

New And Reconditioned Circuit Breakers!

We can repair, recondition or upgrade your circuit breakers.

Contact us today for more information about our vast stock.