About Us

Who We Are

Providing Only The Best Quality

Downey Circuit Breakers is a leader in the sale and service circuit breakers. We provide new remanufactured circuit breakers. Our company is certified by State and Federal law. Our entire crew, including customer services and professionals, are committed to providing only the best in services and quality. 

As leaders in the industry, we provide you access to the field’s most extensive inventory of low-and-medium circuit breakers for replacement and repairs.

Professional & Excellence

Downey Circuit Breakers is proud to be among the first to offer the latest circuit breakers to its customers. Our technicians are more than ready to test, repair, replace or upgrade any circuit breaker that needs our services. Our testing site works 24/7, ensuring that our circuit breakers are in optimal condition before they can be on display.

Our professional technicians can help you predict the remaining life of your circuit breakers. Therefore, you will know if you need to replace it or not. Maybe a new one will be required.

High Quality

We offer only the best and high-quality circuit breakers to all our customers. These products are tested to work in perfect conditions.

Environmentally Certified

We ensure that our circuits breakers are fully developed and implemented following state and federal regulations.

Recycling Compromise

Our company is compromised to recycling standards following California’s quality, safety, and integrity laws. 

New And Reconditioned Circuit Breakers!

We can repair, recondition or upgrade your circuit breakers.

Contact us today for more information about our vast stock.